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Today was a very eventful day! I woke up to dramas back home when I realised my boss had decided not to pay me as he didn't think my holidays accrual was correct!! This was the straw that broke the camels back from me so I rang the manager and quit as I just can't keep dealing with the crazy place. I feel nervous but mainly excited and relieved. I am sure the universe will provide for us :)
After this drama I was ready to get my tattoo so I went and spoke to Ollie and we worked out where and how I would get it. I love it and it didn't hurt much at all
- it is a bit tender at the moment but will be great when it's healed. I had to ditch Sophie and Lisa as we had a big Chinese New Year feast prepared for us back at the guesthouse - the food looked and tasted amazing and we were told we had to try a bit of everything for good luck. We have been so incredibly lucky to stay at Davy's house and be made to feel like a part of the family.
I spent the afternoon watching a movie while finishing off resource book and volunteers guide before Tara and Kristie invited me to town to have a look around cause they were bored. It was so quiet in town because of Chinese New Year it was like a completely different city .. we did a bit of shopping and then headed home to meet Billy as he was leaving for Thailand and so might not see us again before we leave.
He and his partner Chai were so wonderful and gracious and said that we were a wonderful group and that he felt like we were friends and it made us feel very special.
We had big plans to go to trivia after dinner but the night got away from us and I for one didn't feel like it even though I usually love trivia... Lisa told us it was really, really hard so am glad I didn't go haha.. Kristie, Ashlee and Lauren went to our favourite massage place and got a deluxe mani and pedi for $16 :) I of course wrecked the manicure within minutes LOL

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Land Mine Museum

I am so tired today.. woke up at 4.30am and was wide awake and couldn't go back to sleep. Davy had organised the morning for us to go and visit the military village where there are cottages for disabled soldiers and a school for the village. Her husband works for the military so she has had a bit to do with the area and saw a need to help those who lived there. It was a pretty big drive out to the spot and took 40 minutes by bus to get there but I didn't mind as I was taking in the sights and sounds of Cambodia which never get old for me.
Davy showed us the area and talked us through some of the developments that have been taking place there. A previous contingent of JCU students spent time in this area and did a lot of work at the school. We visited the library and was very impressed with the murals they had painted. Tara knew one of the girls from that group and took photos and sent them to her.
It is great to visit projects that other groups have been involved in as it gives you an idea of how the work we are doing will continue to make a difference long after we have come home.
We then visited the little cottage that Davy's husband sometimes stays in when he is working and she showed us the construction site of the house she is building next door. It was very interesting to see how building a house is done in Cambodia! Check out the photos!
While we were watching the house being constructed we saw the weirdest looking rooster walk past.. Tara nicknamed it a Turken as it looked like a cross between a chicken and a turkey.. Kaann told us it had probably lost a cock-fight!
After exploring the military village we headed to the landmines museum which was absolutely riveting, fascinating and terribly sad. We started the tour by watching a video about the guy Aki Ra who is an ex-child soldier that after years of fighting he returned to the villages in which he planted thousands of mines and began removing them, by hand, and defusing them with homemade tools. If you want to see more about this fascinating museum visit the website http://www.cambodialandminemuseum.org/
After our visit to the landmine we were all starving and headed to La Boulangerie where I had a fantastic cheeseburger and fries and then Tara got a sneaky crepe next door at the Le Crepiere (our favourite shop) A7532B3F2219AC681742CD2E04EE9020.jpgbefore heading back to the guesthouse to organise our trip to Spitler school this afternoon to organise the craftroom. I told the girls I would walk to the furniture place and buy the cabinet, chairs and craft trolley so when the bus came back it would be ready to put in and we could go. Well I thought the furniture shop was a lot closer than it actually was and 20 minutes later I finally got to it. I enjoyed the walk though and needed to have the time to clear my head as it had been a rough day with a misunderstanding with one of the girls had put me in a bad mood. We have all been living together pretty closely for 4 weeks so it was bound to happen still doesn't make it any easier.
After some pretty ordinary communication I purchased the stuff and eventually found a tuk tuk who wasn't going to rob me blind to take me back to the guesthouse where I arrived just in time to get on the bus and head out to the school. We picked up the furniture packed the bus with all the stationery supplies we had purchased with the generous donations from back home.. as well as the donated books that everybody dropped off and went to the school.
We all worked hard and consistently to re-organise all the craft supplies and the books and we think we have a very nice organised and orderly craft area which will be a great asset to the school. We are going to label all of the shelves and drawers in Khmer and English so hopefully it will stay that way. I love organising so I really enjoyed this afternoon and I wish you guys who helped donate could see just how awesome the library now looks.. the photos don't do it justice and I forgot to take before photos!
The Kurata group were done labelling their books so we picked them up and headed home. Lauren and Kristie worked on the final photobook and put those and the school photos in tonight to be hopefully ready tomorrow.
We then went to $1 night and ate like kings for $6 which is so fun before heading into town for a foot massage to kill some time before we met a guy who had won a tattoo voucher at bingo the other night and was giving it to Lisa.
Kristie and I decided to do an at home facial and put a mask on and now I am trying to motivate myself to finish the volunteers guidebook we are putting together and my lesson plans for Friday.. I love Cambodia and think I could definitely live here but am missing my family and friends like crazy!

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Photo Book

Today was all about organising the photo books for the kids.. which ended up taking us all day to do and we still haven't finished! They look amazing though and I can't wait to see the kids faces when they see them. We could only do a very basic book printed on photo paper and spiral bound as it is very expensive to do any sort of printing here.
Kristie was feeling very homesick so Tara and I decided to take her out to dinner and into town for a massage and some shopping. We had a lovely 1/2 hour massage and then did some gift shopping for friends back at home and just had a good look around the whole of pub street area.. we were trying to find stubbie coolers without any luck! I did manage to finish off my shopping and just had to share this sign outside a restaurant that made us laugh.
We then ordered a banana and nutella crepe from a street stall and came home and we are now watching the movie Frozen.. going to miss $1.50 DVDs! photobook.jpg7D468EE22219AC6817CFF5AAD1711825.jpg

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The Hangover II

So turns out a shitload of Mohijitos is not real good for the old body! I woke up feeling very sorry for myself and confused about where my bag was a quick check on facebook revealed that I had given it to Ashlee to look after and I had actually visited the guesthouse to pick up my key from Kristie!
I went downstairs and had breakfast with Tara and went back upstairs to rest as I was feeling very ordinary!
I checked out at 12 and went back to Davy's guesthouse and we all decided to go and have lunch at the Pizza Company where I drank nearly a whole pitcher of Coke I was so dehydrated and decided I would get my hair coloured.
It was a bit nerve wracking as I had no idea how it would turn out but it wasn't too bad.
The rest of the day was pretty low key and we spent it getting the photo book stuff organised and Kristie and I watched a movie while I edited photos and the first book. The movie was 12 years as a slave and I quite enjoyed it. So a boring day in Cambodia :)

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Aussie Aussie Aussie...

It's Australia Day but before we head off for Australia Day shenanigans we were invited to attend the school for a very special performance. Some of the children of Spitler have been learning traditional Cambodian dancing and we were getting a very special treat of watching them perform some dances!
When we arrived we noticed that our outdoor classroom was being dismantled and found out that it was only being loaned by the school and the villagers were taking it back.. lol cracked me up.
All the parents and brothers and sisters were eagerly waiting for the show to start and we were very excited about what we were going to see. The children started to come out and they all looked so beautiful and handsome in their costumes with their hair done and the girls with makeup. I felt so proud of them.
The dances were beautiful and elegant and you could see how proud they were of themselves.. as they should be. In between they stopped the traditional dance and sang us a rendition of If you're happy and you know it clap your hands.. just too damn cute!
When the show was over we were invited up on stage for photos and I couldn't help but hug a couple of the kids I was so happy for them.
After our school show we were eager to head to Charlies for drinks, a sausage sizzle and Triple J. CHarlies is a great little bar run by a big Indian guy with an English accent named Charlie. It was full of expats and Aussie tourists and I started talking to a couple who were originally from Ravenshoe!! Small world. $2.75 jugs of beer and then $2 mohjitos meant I had a very good day! A little bit too good and I paid the price on Monday! but more about that tomorrow.

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