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Cricket and Karaoke

Yet another fabulous day in Cambodia, we got to school a bit earlier than we needed to as the Kurata girls had to start earlier than us and so Ashlee and Lauren decided to ride to school with Lisa on their pushbikes I was not going to attempt it but have since decided to give it a go next Friday (god help me!) I got a lift in our bus and spent the morning ruling up pages for the grade 6 projects and trying to help Sraal and Hoy set up the new printer at the school.. they were so excited to try it. When Kaann and I walked in to the library we noticed Kurata's yellow table sitting in the middle with the librarian set up on it.. uh oh a bit awkward but we had to tell her it wasn't for this school but the other one!
When school started we headed to the outdoor classroom nicknamed the Pavillion and set up the first activity. Lauren asked the children to draw a picture of their family and home and we encouraged them to label the picture with English words and then write a sentence about their picture - it was a fun and easy activity that they were still learning English words so everybody had fun with it.
After sitting still for so long we thought we would show the kids how to play cricket.. with the help of Kaann our translator we explained the rules.. we then encouraged the children to count their runs and to give each other instructions in English.. they really enjoyed it and I laughed so much at how competitive they all got! After cricket Ashlee showed the kids how to do a relay race and we then did a three legged race before calling it a day. It was such a fun morning and I think the kids really enjoyed it.
After lunch we had the next group and I did an activity on the days of the week. The first part of the activity I gave the kids 7 pieces of paper with the days of the week on it and split them into groups they then had to put all the days in the correct order. They all nailed that pretty easily which made me realise they knew their days of the week so I decided to try and teach them the concept of before and after.. which was very very hard and even though a few got after and they were all a bit more confident with that concept.. before was almost impossible for them to grasp.. but I think if it was repeated enough times in different ways they would eventually get it. We played the game where we had all the days of the week on the board in random order and they had to find the correct word when I read it out or the correct day before or after. The first person from each team got to write an X or an O in a naughts and crosses game. It was lots of fun but very exhausting to teach as it was a brand new concept in a second language.. one of those nice juicy challenges. After I finished my activity Lauren did her draw your family activity and it again was a great success.. I love this type of play based learning and really hope it helps the kids.
While we were waiting for Group 2 we went next door to visit the family as we had been eyeing off these brand new puppies all week and wanted to have a play. We were very disappointed as they were completely terrified of us and just ran away and hid! I have never seen puppies do that so they must not be handled very much here. The man who lived at the house grabbed a puppy and handed it to me and he was so frightened he peed on me much to their amusement and the girls.
We finished a bit earlier but had to wait for the Kurata girls so sat around talking about our plans for the night to take the teachers out on the town.. we are very excited to get to know them a bit better outside of work and to say thank you for everything they have done :)
We got home and sat around the table drinking a beer and listening to music to get ready for our big karaoke night. We then got dressed and found a couple of tuk tuks to take us all the way to the Crystal restaurant which was quite a hike!
Turns out the trip was worth it.. hands down the best dinner I have had since coming here.. it was a set menu that was delicious. Antipodeans Abroad covered the cost of the dinner and we all paid for the drinks. The restaraunt had traditional dancers and music and it was a lovely place with great atmosphere. The teachers were all laughing and having a good time while we compared our cultures and teased each other and talked about how teachers are here and in Australia. It was truly a lovely and friendly evening.
After dinner we headed into town for Karaoke and went to this place called The Blue Sands. This is when things got a bit weird.. we pull up at this place and there is a type of red carpet entrance with a couple of guys in suits and a line of skimpily glad good looking cambodian women.. I am not sure why they are there and don't really want to know.. we are then led upstairs to a series of rooms where there is a karaoke machine, a pool table and a big long line of couches. The Karooke playlist is in English, Khmer, Thai or Japanese. I started to play a bit of pool but they play differently over here and it got too confusing so I gave up haha. We then got into the singing where we discovered some great Cambodian music and some truly awful English songs that they love but we had never heard of! For drinks they brought up a hot carton of Angkor beer, a couple of buckets of ice and some straws!!! Needless to say I only had one beer!
I loved the night though and everyone seemed to have a great time and that was what it was all about. At the end the teachers put on Right here waitin by Richard Marx and announced that they would be right here waitin for us to come back and visit them again.. it was very sweet!

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